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tired rambling about God meeting every need

Lots of thoughts are rolling around in my mind, but my head hurts and I just want to get away from the pain. So I'm going to jot this down and then try to get some rest.

I listened to a bit of an archived sermon about God meeting every need. Well, actually, I just listened to the reading of the theme verses and a few opening comments. The passage was about Jesus feeding the five thousand--well, at least five thousand because that doesn't include women and children. I'm trying to imagine a man speaking to so many people with no amplification. Wow! Anyway, they were hungry, and the disciples said to Jesus to let them leave to buy food. Instead, he fed them. I think there are a lot of ideas to learn from this passage. I'm just doing one of them for now. Leaving and buying food was a distraction. They were already there to listen to Jesus teach. Would most have not come back after buying food? Jesus probably knew this. So he provided the food.

This is timely for me right now, but that's a long story. I'm making a note to write about it tomorrow.


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