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My face feels invaded.

I'm tired and my face hurts, and I don't think Lortab is doing anything anymore. I wonder if I could allow myself to cry now... After all, I can finally blow my nose...

There was a child in the office this morning who had this same surgery done on the same day--probably immediately following mine. She had other stuff done on top of it. Her mom and I chatted in the waiting room... The little girl had a much more difficult week than I did: she hasn't been able to eat, and her mom has to give her medication for nausea in order to keep her pain medication down. She had to sleep sitting up for four days--I got to de-elevate after two, and I elevated in bed. I feel a bit guilty saying that my face hurts this afternoon... But now I see why they gave me a whole bottle of meds. The pain doesn't stop after the first few days. It's actually worse now that I'm blowing! *OUCH!* Getting that stuff moving is torturous! The poor little girl!

I did find out that Lortab also makes the child hyper.


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