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good news and ramblings about tomorrow's to-do list

I forgot to post this bit of good news.

My new internist had to move my appointment to May 8. However, in the process of rescheduling, I learned that she schedules 40 minutes for each new patient! That may just be the motivation I need to get together that list of concerns to talk about... That's quite a nice amount of time, and I don't think any doctor has ever spent that long with me.

I had my first unreserved cry this evening in about three months. It felt good--and let to a bit of nose-blowing rather than an asthma attack! *gasp* I'm normal! Maybe I can stop feeling that my emotions are so pent-up now!

On this note, a to-do list for tomorrow since I'm starting to feel a bit relieved...

  • clean the kitchen

  • laundry

  • wash my bedding (because the ability to cry is worth celebrating with clean sheets)

  • put together info for doctor discussion

  • go through the week's mail

  • a small bit of reorganizing in my room

There are no scanning projects underway at the moment, so I think this should all be achievable if I can avoid the temptation to start new scanning/writing projects. I'd like to not spend next week cleaning like a maniac... I do want to be writing.. by Monday.


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