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impact of migraine on emotions

Migraines seem to greatly intensify whatever negative emotions I have lurking in the shadows. I know this, of course, but knowing it and experiencing it are two very different things. Experiencing it is like being in hell. Knowing it helps me to get out of hell and do my best to pick up the pieces from what I've done while I was in hell. I've said all this before, but sometimes the experience is so deep and so enduring that I lose sight of the fact that there is a physiological cause. This dizziness and the changes in heart rate when I go from resting to standing are some kind of new thing, and I haven't yet figured out the relationship of those to the pain phase of the migraine yet except that I'm starting to suspect that they point to a real humdinger! That's what seems to have happened this time.

Here's what's been happening lately...Collapse )

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