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post-conference ramblings on disability and discipleship

I remember growing up in Houston.Collapse )

These memories came flooding back to me as I interacted with one of the parents at the conference. Her baby is not quite two years old, but she is active and the family has high expectations for her. Teresa looks at blind adults and thinks, "What can I do to enable Cianna to succeed like that." Most other families look at blind adults and think, "Where can I send my child so he can learn to be like that." When the parents shared their stories at dinner, I heard a very common theme: "I moved here from Juarez to get help for my child." Often the theme was followed up by another theme: "Sending my child to Austin (600 miles away) is the best thing I've ever done." I felt like I was looking at a room full of people shrouded in darkness with one flickering light. I wanted to nurture that flickering light, but I also wanted to go to the darkness and say to those families, "You have the ability to change your child's life right here in El Paso!"

Here's a devotional thought...Collapse )

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