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big health problem

This morning I was having extreme confusion, weakness, and dizziness, and it was really scaring me because I had three episodes in three days. My heart rate was jumping up 30 to 35 beats when I went from sitting to standing. Amy got very insistent that I should get checked out, so I went to the emergency room.

The people at the hospital were very very nice to me, except the doctor wanted to look in my eyes more than she wanted to find out what was wrong with me. They told me what they were doing and even read my chart to me when I asked. There was a nice lady named Vicki who was a volunteer, and she came and covered me up with a warm blanket and then helped me when I was ready to go. There was also something neat. The nurse button had a braille n on it! Pretty cool! They gave me some good medicine to make me feel better for a little while and I got some to bring home with me. When they were finished I called Amy from the church to come pick me up. I got Vicki to take some of my quarters and buy me a Hershey bar from the gift shop while I was waiting for her, Amy took me home with her and fed me chicken and dumplings and I got to see Amber and Cassie, her little girls, and spend some time with Amy.

Amy (my roommate) was probably right, but it would be nice if the doctors would be thorough and keep searching and not give me pat answers. The doctors at the emergency room can't do that, though, so what I got out of the trip was a good med for the dizziness that I'm hoping to use very sparingly until I can see a doctor--I'm looking for a new one--and start getting to the bottom of this. I have some ideas, but the new doctor hunt could prove to be a challenge. The ER people said sometimes this is caused by a virus. I doubt it.

The heart rate thing could be a clue... Someone on the nonepileptic list has a condition that causes that. I have no idea how it is treated. My other vitals, bloodwork, and EKG were all fine. So now they're just calling it vertigo which is just a fancy name for dizziness. So I know nothing except that watching Amber and Cassie run around the room makes me very dizzy. Bleh!


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