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car vs. taxi expenses

There are some people (blind and sighted) who think that the money a blind person pays in taxi and transit fares is about equal to what a sighted person pays for car expenses. Personally, I don't agree--not if you go the same places in your taxi that you go in a car. This is one of my "hot buttons," the other being that I don't have an equivalent income with which to meet those expenses. If I did, I would perhaps feel a lot less emotional about taxi fares; but there are jobs I cannot get without moving because it's unrealistic to spend $500/month solely on getting to and from work. This doesn't even begin to cover other things I pay for: trips to the grocery store, trips to church, trips to do anything social, trips to doctors... When a blind person has sighted family members who do some of this driving, perhaps that cost doesn't mount up so much. For those of us who are single, there is no comparison. I can't even get to Tampa without paying a lot in both time and money. If I had a job and had a doctor's appointment in Tampa, I would have to take off work for several hours when my sighted counterparts can get there and back in 30 minutes so only need to take off a little time for driving in addition to the meeting. This costs me a lot more in the end than just the fare would cost. It was even worse when I lived in Indiana and needed to go to Indianapolis. Many sighted people commuted there daily. I would have had to take a bus at noon, stay overnight (thus incurring a hotel cost), and take the bus home the next day at noon if I had an 8:00 or 9:00 doctor's appointment. Unless you've ever lived that kind of life, please don't compare a blind person's taxi and other expenses to car expenses. If I did the same things with taxis, buses, and other accommodations that a sighted person does in a month with her car, my expenses would far outweigh the other person's car and gas expenses.


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