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interesting eye possibility

I wrote in 1998 about God's will being the things I have the desire, opportunity, and resources to do. It seems so basic but so big. Really it's about asking God to open the doors and walking through the ones He opens. And there are some areas where I need open doors right now. One concerns my eyes.

There is a doctor in Jacksonville (several hours' drive from here) who is doing some cutting-edge work with artificial corneas designed for people who have a history of rejection. I have the desire and opportunity to go for an evaluation to see if I might be a candidate for the procedure since I've had two failures. If God provides the resources, I will do it. He has already provided some of them--a friend has offered to transport me and arrange lodging if I can go for the evaluation on the 5th or 6th or July. So this just leaves the actual evaluation--I'm hoping they take Medicaid. If not, I will work on raising funds and see how it goes. Surgery would be another story, but I have a feeling that's a bridge for crossing later.


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