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I'm having a hard time this morning. I'm so tired, and really I have been tired since getting back from CA. I've been trying to fight it off, but something just doesn't feel right and I'm tired of avoiding. But I'm afraidthat if I give in and let it run its course, it really won't have a course and I'll just be making an excuse for being lazy. But that's not being very respectful of myself. ... Around and around I go with it.

I've been fighting it for a couple of days. Today it's set off by the fact that I cancelled O&M.
I've also officially dropped out of the small group training. Last night I had the bad migraine symptoms,. I keep trying to think that I'm the one who is dealing with this stuff and I'm the one who really knows how I feel, but when you're accused of whining and faking things, you lose your confidence in your own ability to assess that stuff.

I've also found out that Medicaid won't even pay for glasses now if you're over 21, so I am still without a good pair of glasses. So on top of not feeling well, I'm dealing with the low life who should get off Medicaid feelings and I'm just very overwhelmed. I'm going to try to start making some waves, but that comes with its own emotional price--I'm a low life who should just get a job *and* I have an entitlement attitude, chip on my shoulder, blah blah blah. But I shouldn't be denied the kind of health care I need based on some age cut off that doesn't make my disabilities go away.-


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