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challenging myths about emotions

I've been thinking lately about how I look at my emotions and how that affects what I do in response to them. Marsha Linehan's DBT Emotion regulation handout 2 addresses this. It presents some myths about emotion and encourages us to write out truth as a "challenge" to each myth. This is an important step in healthy emotion regulation. "regulating emotions" isn't the same thing as burying them, and for a long time that's how I treated it. I believed that negative emotions were bad.

The list of myths in the handout is not a complete list.

Here's one of my challenges.

Myth: Other people are the best judge of how I am feeling.

Challenge: I'm the one who is inside my head, so I know best how I am feeling.

I also have myths about emotion from a spiritual perspective.

  1. God wants me to be joyful at all times, so that means I should never be sad.

  2. I shouldn't be unhappy about anything because God is probably giving me what I deserve (disciplining me).

  3. God responds to my emotions just like people do.

  4. I should never be angry because (a) it's not Christlike; or (b) vengeance is God's.

  5. Negative emotions are a sign that I am selfish.

  6. God isn't going to comfort me because how I feel is a choice I make.

Handout 5 was/is very helpful to me in confronting my myths. It helps to remember that my emotions are there for a reason and serve a purpose--sometimes more than one purpose--and that purpose is important.





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