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Christians and self-esteem

Some Christians attack the concept of self-esteem, saying that it is not Biblical, that we are to find our identity in Christ. I agree that we are to find our identity in Christ--and in finding that identity we recognize our worth as God's precious creations, whom He loved so much that He gave His own son, the only child ever created from the very seed of God, to die a cruel death and to experience separation from the Father, so that we wouldn't have to. What better self-esteem can we have than to think of ourselves the way God thinks of us: as people created for a purpose, deeply loved, and gifted with all that we need to accomplish the purpose that God has planned just for us as individuals!

Isn't it interesting that all sorts of annoying behaviors and even crime can be linked to low self-esteem? All of the signs of low self-esteem described in "secular" literature are signs of a need for deep fellowship with people who can and will help us draw near to God, recognize His love, and find our place of service in the body of Christ. We are not to rely on others to give us a sense of worth; but neither are we designed to recognize that worth on our own. God designed us with a need to be built up. Our need to be loved and honored is a need that He intended to meet both with His own love and with the love of our brothers and sisters in Christ.


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