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how to decongest without Sudafed

On the phone with deeperhealing... I told her that I believe that my "snot bank" does have an end. I obviously can't take decongestants, so I've come up with a new formula for decongesting myself:

  1. Blow nose a gazillion times. If this doesn't work.

  2. Take shower.

  3. Vacuum the entire house.

  4. Wash dirty dishes (because what you do next you don't want on your dishes even if they are dirty

  5. Empty vacuum container (because how dare you waste money on those bags)

  6. Wash out all the filters from the vacuum cleaner. Make sure they're squeaky clean.

  7. Run for the Kleenex--nose will be dripping steadily.

  8. Blow a gazillion times--you should be noticing a significant increase in the ratio of decongested stuff vs. remaining stuff.

  9. Get rid of trash! Hurry, quick, before you have a chance to breathe that fowl stuff again!!!

  10. Oh, in case I didn't mention it, make sure you already cleaned out the litter box!


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