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what's happening today

I'm home from having all my brain tests, and everything went along very nicely. There are no signs of blockage on my ultrasound, so that's a very very good thing.

I'm thinking about doing something a bit radical for me. Terri Shiavo is in care here in town, and there is a demonstration going on because the Senate is meeting this evening to hopefully work out ordering another stay. She's been without nourishment for six days, and they don't know (of course) how long she can survive--it could be up to two weeks. This is kind of emotional for me because I know how it feels to watch someone suffer for longer than expected, but also I've read so many of the reports and statements. I've never been into demonstrating, but I'm really feeling led to go and spend some time praying there and I found a cab driver who offered to take me at no cost. So it's something I'm considering. I haven't made a final decision yet.

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