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church notes

You must arrange your life around activities that will allow you to eventually do what you cannot do now (even with great willpower).

Therefore I do not run like a man running aimlessly; I do not fight like a man beating the air. (1 Cor 9:26)

... many people, when they hear about spiritual growth, think they must simply try harder to be like Jesus.

Signs that I have succeeded include:

  • I brought God's love and grace to bear in a difficult situation.

  • I clothed myself in compassion, kindness, and patience.

  • I acted with humility instead of self-promotion.

  • I extended forgiveness or brought Christ's spirit of peace and reconciliation.

  • I confronted a situation when avoidance would be easier.

Signs that I need correction include:

  • I directly disobeyed God.

  • I neglected to do all that I lovingly could in a situation.

  • I spoke careless words.

  • I withheld love.

  • I am spiritually timid.

  • I have a critical spirit.

  • I acted in self-promotion.

  • I acted with lust.

  • I acted with greed.

  • I am arrogant.


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