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I've been reading Gianna: Aborted and Lived to Tell About It. The book, of course, tells the story of a survivor of a saline abortion done during the third trimester. Reading it has stirred up a lot of emotions in me, some of which are not quite ready for me to express.

In the Ottawa Sun, Lachance "dismissed the 'survivor' gathering as a 'cheap media stunt.'

"We know who the real abortion holocaust victims are-the women who died from back street abortions, from self-induced abortions in their bathrooms. What this really shows is the crying need for access to legal abortion early in pregnancy." (0. 220)

How horrid. Those aren't victims of "abortion holocaust. Those are people experiencing the consequences of sins they chose to commit against another human being because they didn't want the responsibility of carrying him/her into the world, consequences of irresponsible sexual choices, consequences of all kinds of sin. Abortion isn't the answer, and people who die because of a botched illegal abortion aren't victims and that doesn't justify legalizing the killing of babies. There is no justification unless there is also justification for other types of murder. Yes, I'm ranting about the same old circular argument over when life begins. I am ranting about it because it really does matter. A blob of tissue wouldn't have the ability to suddenly turn into a baby with the ability to make purposeful movements. It's a baby, growing every day toward a greater and greater level of maturity and independence.


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