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new neurologist

I went to a new neurologist today. I wasn't that impressed with him. For one thing, his English was very broken and that is just a huge issue for me. I like to be able to communicate with my doctors. He didn't seem very interested in doing anything but putting me back on meds. He did order a bunch of tests: a coroted artery ultrasound (probably because of my high cholesterol), EEG, VEP, EEG, BAER, and MRI. Ugh! I'm sure he knows what he's doing, but I'm not sure he takes me very seriously. He did prescribe a preventative and another pain med. I'll pick them up, but I'm debating whether or not to use them at this point. I'm very frustrated right now because what I wanted at this point was to clarify the diagnosis so that I could make informed choices about treatments. I really wanted to continue on the natural route if at all possible, but it was important to me to know whether or not my specific type of migraine could be identified because I'd like to be able to inform doctors in the event that I do need medication. Now I'm just feeling like a difficult patient who never wants to do what she's told.

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