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church notes on spiritual gifts

What's a spiritual gift? (Something to ramble about later because it seems some people don't understand the difference between spiritual gifts and talents/skills used to benefit the body of Christ.)

Spiritual gifts are not revocable.

God predestined us for good works.

The Word of God searches hearts and exposes sin. God needs inspection rights. Otherwise, how can He prepare me for ministry?

Paul witness to the Thessalonians after being mistreated at Philippi. God gave him boldness. He was confident in the truth, and his motive was to share it. (1 Thes 2) What is the motive? To please and honor God, who entrusts us with His message. We did not choose him. He chose us! We exercise our love for Him by standing up for truth, like Jesus did when He was tempted. Angels will come and minister us.

Am I going to please God or people? God changes my heart and puts a right spirit in me. Will I accept this gift or cling to the weakness of the knowledge of good and evil?

We need deep friendships with people who nurture. It's how Paul ministered, pouring himself in. I must pray for that person in my life.


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