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an interesting paradox

I've been thinking about a few things in response to a comment that was made during my interview at the pregnancy center. Interestingly, the comment didn't really have to do with whether or not I get the job, but it has a lot to do with themes in my life lately.

The interviewer commented about how we have killed off 45,000,000 people who could be eventually paying into Social Security and this will ultimately contribute to part of our country's economic hardship. I didn't think a lot about the comment at the time except to register it as "very interesting" in the back of my mind. It's one thing to look at pro-life sites. It's another to look at statistics gathered by agencies like Planned Parenthood and realize the huge jump in the number of abortions just in one year. But even before 1973, there was a year when for some reason there was some major jump up in the number of abortions. Why? On a page showing United States historical abortion statistics, it shows a jump from 340 legal abortions in 1962 to 5,000 in 1963! What happened? Did a bunch of states suddenly make abortion legal? There are two more jumps: one from 9,000 to 18,000 in 1968 and then to 193,491 in 1970, 485,816 in 1971, 586,760 in 1972, and 744,600 in 1973 and 1,034,200 in 1975! With miscarriages included in the statistics, 19 to 30 percent of pregnancies have been aborted each year, depending on the year, since 1973. Who are those babies? Who would they have been? How can I not think about this? And does it strike anyone as odd that people call these things "tissue" when other women fight so hard for assisted reproduction because their bodies can't carry children to term--or at all? Some want to destroy the children so they don't have to deal with them, and some want to create them... What kind of game are we playing with our own destiny?


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