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thoughts about money

I was just reading some diaries. Found this quote:

Mom and I were watching a political show recently. There was a panel of people in Colorado talking about the proposed tax cuts. I refuse to discuss politics here but I would like to note what one of the panel members said. He was a democrat (I do say some things about republicans too but democrats offer so much more material!) and he said, '$200 or $300 for an average family may buy a dinner, maybe a dinner for two.' If he had been in California or NewYork, I may have given some vague credit to his words. I visited Colorado and believe me, one can find a very nice dinner for much less than that amount.

What's $200 or $300 for me? Good grief! A whole lot of money! A nice dinner to me is eating at the Cracker Barrel. Ok, not fancy, but nice. A treat. To some people $30 is nothing. I don't understand this. I don't understand how people can have six-figure incomes and have money troubles.

I haven't had money until recently. I'm not young. But I've always thought that it shouldn't be hard to live on $30,000 a year. I guess it all depends on what a person's priorities are. But $200 for dinner???


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