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moving church service

Sunday I sang "In Gethsemane" at church. Kevin said, "It seems like you had just had a painful experience when you wrote that song." I had, and if Kevin could see that without my telling him, then I know I did a good job of expressing myself.

Today I went and talked to Todd about doing a concert at church. I will be doing that on August 17.

July 24, 1991Ÿ

Sunday we had a guest speaker who was blind. One point he made stands out to me. He referred to John 9:1-3, where Jesus tells his disciples that a man was born blind so that "the works of God might be made manifest in him". I realized that the "works of God" might not always mean healing. I touched Mr. Franck when I sang. If he ever becomes a Christian, the works of God will be made manifest.


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