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nighttime ramblings on faith and quiet time

I find myself thinking tonight how beautiful it is when You lead Your people together! And how beautiful when we walk in Your ways through Your Power! I can feel You stripping all the pressure from me--every worry, everything left undone. It's all okay. Right now all that counts is You. All there is is my peace and communion with You. That is all there will be in the end.

Nathan wrote about it being so easy to imitate someone else's faith. "It's another thing to walk in it." How I want to walk in faith!

I keep thinking of my trip home a couple of weeks ago. That was such a retreat for me! I know I needed it. I know prayer was in order, and You must have known I needed to be in a quiet place. Fat chance finding one here! So You took me to one.

I need the quiet place again. I've said it all week. I am so caught up in all my daily activities! I have been too distracted.

If You took me to a quiet place here in Anderson, would it really be quiet for me? Or would I be too distracted by my own loneliness? The answer is easy: the quiet place is really inside me. It's not external at all. So why was the quiet place at home so different? Because maybe I was at a point where I wasn't open unless I was in a quiet place in both senses of the word.

Hmmmm. That's good sleeping material.


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