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whining about feeling sick and sleepy

I feel so whiny, and all I care about doing is sleeping. I don't even want to do mindless computer games or scan books or anything... Usually this means I'm sick--and I feel pretty sick today. My nose is doing its thing, and my stomach is upset. But I'm fighting sleep--you know, I should be more productive... I haven't gotten several things done this week that I had every intention of getting done, and I'm not happy about it at all. I feel like there are certain things in my life that need to be getting done right now, and things are getting in the way--things like my desk-cleaning project and unforeseen bumps in that road, being sick and sleepy, etc. It's all very aggravating. But even when I'm staying awake, I have no energy for working on any of these things. So logically I should give in to the sleep and let my body attempt to get what it needs. It isn't great sleep anyway, which probably also indicates that I'm sick...

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