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the end of Granny's journey

I think I fell asleep around 11:30. The phone in my room doesn't ring, so I was surprised when the phone woke me up at 4:15. At first, I thought I had dreamed it. Elli went and sat out in the hall.

"Sarah, is Elli okay?" Dad said, coming down the hall.

"Yeah. Who was that?"

"It was Cheryl," he said. Cheryl and Mom had stayed at the hospital. "She says it's getting close if you want to come."

Dad and I both got up and dressed. The hospital is only five minutes away. We got there at 4:45.

Granny's breathing was different. She didn't seem to be forcing air like she was yesterday. She still had a lot of junk in her throat, though. Suddenly her breathing started slowing down. I was a little bit shocked that I could tell. She died at 5:00. I don't know whether we were crying because we were glad or we would miss her or some of each. There were five of us there. Dad had already gone home to be with Lynda. But there was a lot of peace in that room.

Mom said it made her think of Granny flying to Baton Rouge when I was born because I wasn't supposed to live. Mom said, "I'm glad you were there for her." Seems kind of strange.

I did pray for Granny's healing a few times. I didn't want her to go. But the answer was a clear but gentle "No, it's time for her to come home."

Yesterday I walked blindly. Friday I had tortured myself, and I had to trust what Angi told me five weeks ago. I couldn't spend my time questioning. I know now where those doubts came from, and I am glad I came in spite of them. My flight was a miracle once again. It was the last one out yesterday. If I had come on the first one this morning I would have been too late. I know now that the Lord was leading me, even though I didn't realize it then. He had already told me what He wanted me to do. This time He came silently and led me to do it.

Granny said something a few weeks ago about wanting to go on Easter. Just before I got there, Mom and Cheryl told her she had made it for Easter. Mom looked, and there was one tear in the corner of Granny's eye. I know she knew, and this day is special to me. There's nothing but His praise and healing for my flesh self.


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