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improvement in my attitude

Lord, I think that You have taken my bitterness away. I can never question Your ability to change the heart again! I want to lay my heart's desire before You this morning. I have not been able to sleep. I feel that after this prayer I am to go to bed. I have absolute confidence in You this morning, Lord. I thank You for giving me this confidence and for giving me this desire that is in my heart; for I believe that it comes from You.

I want to see, Lord. I no longer want this for myself. I want to make the lives of people with disabilities better. I want to work to break down the misperceptions about disabilities, and I do not want anything at all to stand in the way. Not transportation, not attitudes, not inaccessibility of materials. And in this process I want to tell people about You and all of the miracles You have done for me--not just healing my eyes, but also healing my heart and soul and the forgiveness You show every day. I want to teach people that You are a God who keeps promises and who deserves every ounce of trust we have to give. I want people to know that trusting You is not foolish. I know that physical healing is not the main reason You sent Your Son to this world, but I do not believe it is in Your will for Your children to suffer. I hear You calling me where I have not heard You in years. I want to go. I want You to make a way for me and lead me by that way.

I want to light my world like this 60-watt lightbulb lights my room. I want to be a light for You that people cannot ignore. Not a light that pronounces judgment and hurts, but a light that heals.

I give you my complete trust, Lord, knowing that You can and will do the things that I think are impossible. If You have changed my most bitter of hearts, how can I not believe that You can heal my eyes? I give You the praise and the glory; for onlyYou can do this.

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