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What can I learn from the woman with the hemorrhage?

There is a woman mentioned in the Bible (Mark 5 to name one place) who suffered a hemorrhage for 12 years which resisted treatment by many different doctors. I have often compared this to my eye condition. I have gotten lots of treatment with occasional improvement but mostly continued deterioration due to every complication known to be associated with this condition. What I am about to say may apply to the seeking of healing, but it applies, I think, to the seeking of many other things as well.

This woman had an idea that if she could just get close enough to touch Jesus' clothes, then she would be healed. She put her idea into action, pushing through the crowd so that she could get just close enough to touch his clothes. He knew that someone had touched him and drawn that healing power from him. He asked who touched him, drawing attention to her in the midst of that crowd and telling her (and everyone else in the process) that she would be healed.

It's hard sometimes to see the relevance of these stories today. But it is not impossible. This woman knew that Jesus was special and that good things happen to people who get close to someone like him. It was crowded, and she probably didn't have a lot of hope of getting very close to him. But she was willing to do whatever it took to attain even a minimal amount of closeness, to scratch the surface of Jesus' influence. This applies very well to me. My mind is full of ideas, worries, fears, hopes, dreams, and all kinds of things that I have to push my way through to make my way to spending time with God. A lot of times I am content just to say a quick prayer and get on my way. I don't take the time to read and explore very much of what He has to say. If I took even a tiny bit of time and pushed through my crowded mind to where I could spend just a little bit of time with Him, I could be amazed at what happens. It's not a cure-all, but I have a feeling it makes a world of difference in my ability to receive some of those thingsI keep asking for.


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