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lies I believe about God and healing and myself

Why do I want healing? What lies have I believed that have caused me to ask for healing with the wrong motives? It was never wrong for me to ask, but I know there are many lies going on which interfere with my spiritual life, and they are evident in this particular area of my life. I'll just list them and stop rambling.

God doesn't love me if He doesn't heal me.

My faith isn't strong enough because God hasn't healed me.

My faith could make God heal me.

Other people would like me if I was healed.

I wouldn't need anyone if I was healed.

Needing something from other people is bad.

I am selfish.

If I didn't need so much, other people would be happy and would like me.

Other people's happiness is more important than mine.

I am stupid and incompetent because other people think I am stupid and incompetent.

I cannot make it in this world as a blind person.

Losing my vision is a punishment for something I did or didn't do.

If I don't read my Bible, God won't accept me.

It is my fault that other people are unhappy.

God doesn't need me for anything.

I am not good enough for God to use right now.

I will never be able to provide for myself or live independently with my own income.

God won't heal me unless I totally accept myself the way that I am.

I should not want healing.

I am selfish for wanting healing.

God wants me to suffer.

God doesn't care about my feelings.

God only cares about what happens in heaven and whether people get there.

It is my responsibility to behave in a way that would make my mom happy.

If I don't do this, it is dishonoring my mother.


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