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home alone after surgery

Today my parents returned to work. I stayed home alone. Mostly I've slept, but I did a little reading. I'm glad I'm not having to use my eyes for reading. Even reading without them is tiring! The anesthesiology department called to do a follow-upcheck on me. That was nice. They said it can take some time for the drugs to get out of my system.

I've worn my glasses for a while today. Sometimes looking around hurts my eyes. I saw a book laying on my dresser. Don't know when the last time was that I saw a book. I also peeked at the moving images on the TV screen again. They still make me feel sick, and the light on the screen hurts my eyes. I turned it off.

I tried holding up my fingers to see if I could count them. I could see them, but my brain is still too fuzzy to really focus on anything, so I gave up trying to count them.


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