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seeing new thing

I have an old Rubiks cube. Remember those darn things? No, I haven't ever solved it. It is marked with a different tactile marking for each color. On Friday I happened to be playing with it and noticed that I could see some of the different colors. I've been trying to learn the contrast between them by comparing the squares that look the same with the tactile markings.

Also on Friday, I cooked scrambled eggs in a black skillet and had fun watching them scoot around.

Today was the biggest day so far. I was wearing the patch at dinnertime because the eye was a little irritated and I wanted to keep it from moving so much. Well, the tape wasn't very sticky by that time, and the patch came off.. I happened to look down at my plate and notice little blobs all over it. I picked up my fork and stabbed one--and I ate my whole dinner that way. I've never been able to locate my food visually before, especially rice and vegetables! It was actually kind of a neat little adventure.

There's just something new every day. I keep thinking it's going to stop today. My eye does have damage and is going to have some limitations. I didn't think I could get back something I never had. But here I am, using my eyes to eat dinner! What a concept!


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