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eye trouble

I had to go to the doctor for an emergency checkup today. To make a long story short, it did not go well. For some reason, all of my usable vision is gone. This is not what I wanted to say about the day that marks the anniversary of the surgery that gave me back my vision. But it's all I can say right now.

I will go back on Tuesday, and I will keep pressing on until I know why this happened or until it is resolved. I'm not ready to give up the fight.

One thing I have noticed after looking through the past updates is that I tend to have these setbacks after times of being very actively involved in something. I don't know what this means or if it means anything at all. I have been told that my lifestyle will not affect my vision. But my experience is showing something different. Perhaps this means I am one of those people who will have to go to bed at 9:00 PM without fail. Ugh! That thought disgusts me. Oh, well... Guess I'll have to get a few priorities straight and see just what kind of experimentation I am willing to do if it would mean my eyes were healthier.


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