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home from ER

The night is ending on a better note than I expected. I had decided to sleep with Mom. I took Dori's blanket in there, and we got all settled into our respective places. The problem was that every part of me which is involved with breathing hurt when I was lying down. I have the non-wheezing type of asthma... Basically, I put out more air than I'm taking in. After long enough of this, I tried to take a big breath and sent myself into a coughing fit. That woke up Mom, and I started crying. (I'm sure that didn't help matters.)

So off we went to the ER. The girl in the next bed was also coughing and gasping, and she was pregnant. I expected to be there a while and probably have to wait because I was driven in instead of coming in the ambulance. There were only three of us there, and things moved along pretty quickly.

They put me on the breathing machine and made some changes in my inhalers. I also got some antibiotics. My fever has gone down to normal. (I am starting to wonder if God gave me the fever so that I would get a clue that something was up.) I'm going to call my doctor in the morning--um, in a few hours--and see if I can go in and talk to him about changing from the inhalers to the machine. He doesn't like it, but it works tons better for me. If you were to have talked to me before and after, you'd notice the difference. Mom said jokingly that I should go to the ER before I sing at church. I feel like a totally different person. I can breathe and laugh without going into coughing fits. In fact, I can probably count the number of times I've coughed since leaving the ER on one hand.

The pharmacy over by my old apartment is open 24 hours, so we went over there to pick up my meds. I had told Mom about my interest in aromatherapy, and she happened to notice they have these all-natural cough drops with various herbal blends. I had been reading up on blends for respiratory problems the other day. So I picked out one to try. This may sound weird, but I've always found that peppermints were as effective as cough drops when I was sick. This cough drop has, among other things, peppermint! I didn't know that as an herbal remedy it is indicated for respiratory problems until the other day.

Mom also bought me a talking thermometer. I had read about them but didn't expect to find them in the pharmacy here. So now I'm all set to take care of my own self! Woo hoo!!! The down side of thebreathing machine is that it means more to travel with, but I've reached the point where I will do anything to breathe better.


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