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rambling about asthma and ideas

Rambling about pain and faith is behind the cut.Collapse )

Hmmmm... Where did all that come from??? Good thing I save these away. (grin) That one's a bit over my head, but it's what was there and just sort of came out. I've been wanting to put that into a bigger ramble, but it came out in this little one. Someday I will collect all the rambles and create something with the scraps... Sort of like a quilt. I'm not an artsy craftsy person, but I wish I was. I think I would enjoy the therapeutic aspects, not to mention another outlet of creating something that expresses some part of me.

As I wrote this, my airways have cleared almost to the point that I can't tell I was ever sick, and my mind is full of music instead of fear. I may have more ramblings after a while... I have a feeling they will be positive, and I like this state of mind I'm getting into. It's not the high-flying thing where I know I'll crash as soon as a wave comes in. Now give me that surfboard... I'm going to take a ride...

I have another idea...Collapse )

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