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update on the doctor's appointment

The doctor's appointment went very well. He says I look good for this point after surgery--all the donor corneas are a bit cloudy for the first couple of weeks or so, and he thinks it will clear up nicely. He couldn't get a pressure reading, but he suspects my pressure is up so is adding more glaucoma drops to my cocktail. Also, tomorrow is my last day on the steroid pills ... only to go to steroid drops. So this nasty steroid/inhaler effect, which I am suffering from almost as bad right now as I was on Sunday, shall continue for at least a while. Ok, I'll learn to function real well while bouncing off the walls. Maybe I can do this.

I am going to go snag a nap while I have a mind to. Otherwise I will be riding the mood roller coaster bigtime, and I didn't buy in for that. *grin* I don't really feel like sleep is forthcoming, but I'm going to give it a good shot. And I'm not using any more inhalers until I have slept at least two or three hours. (Now pray the dogs act like little angels and the cats don't eat all the cat food before I wake up. *grin*

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