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hearing tests

I had more hearing tests today. This would sound weird to most people, but something wonderful happened. My tests were worse than last time. I heard less of more frequencies--hope that makes sense. I mentioned thinking of trying to get help from a foundation, and the audiologist acted like a lightbulb had come on. She walked off down the hall and came back with a form. She thinks that my testing results will qualify me, and also the letter from the Seeing Eye will help them understand my individual situation. My financial situation is obviously not great, and she didn't think that would be a problem. She thinks it's better to try the foundation this time since Medicaid is being so unhelpful. (Yes, it's easy to get glasses, but who really cares if you can't hear?! I think it's the dumbest thing!)

This really reminds me of applying for Medicaid in 1998. "If you're blind enough," the lady kept saying. Well, just how blind did she think I really wasn't? *LOL*

I think Mom is upset about the testing being worse. I'm upset, but at the same time I am relieved not to be sitting on the borderline anymore.

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