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health gripe and update on Elli

I slept kind of fitfully, and I'm not allowed to take naps today because I'm having a sleep study tonight. Weather change is imminent--my back and ankles tell me so. It's been unseasonably warm the last couple of days. Elli's been having a hard time, too. Anyway, I've also been sort of minimizing use of inhalers because that's just more steroids in my system. Well, it's becoming apparent that I'll have to up them. I'm scared of doing that.

Speaking of Elli, my parents read me her notes from the trip to the ER that she had while I was in training with Meghan. I didn't realize how bad she had been doing. She wasn't eating and they were having to help her stand up. The meds helped for a while, but she seems to be having a significantly harder time than she was last week. We're just keeping a watch on her. Right now she still seems reasonably in good spirits.


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