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eye update

I went to the doctor today. It didn't go well. And that's an understatement. I couldn't see his light--you know, that really bright light that he sticks in your face and it makes you want to smack him. No more denial games... If I can't even see that...

There's nothing wrong. He looked in my chart and noted that I was complaining about pain and vision loss six months ago. He doesn't want to try again because I've never kept a clear cornea longer than six months. He thinks I should try to keep a healthy eye if I can. There's some research being done in Australia that's different from the other research they're doing here. It's a long story. The "artificial corneas" available here right now he doesn't recommend. The ones being worked on in Australia he thinks I could be a candidate for. But... (Of course there is always a but...) That is at least three to five years off, and right now that feels like an eternity. Hearing that didn't make me get all giddy like it does a lot of people. I have to deal with right now, and right now there's nothing to do, even about the pain. He said he could give me something, but when I found out what it was I said no. It's Atropine--a nice med but it makes me suicidal. I'm not going there.


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