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exam on left eye

I went to Detroit on Monday for an endoscopic exam on my left eye. The back of the eye has never been visible due to extensive damage to the cornea (scarring and calcium deposits) that prevents doctors from seeing inside.

The exam revealed that there are small areas of attachment that are very thin. Most of it is detached. This is useful information to have, though not what I wanted to hear. Dr. Trese doesn't feel that it's worth pursuing an artificial cornea for this eye, and he doesn't feel that the attached portions of retina are giving me much benefit.</p>

Medically, I can accept this. If he won't touch it, then it's time to quit. I have the answers I wanted, and that's the end of the search. However, what there is no answer for is why I am using vision in that eye. It's something that may never be explained medically, and I've had some interesting thoughts about this that I need to write about. In order to write about them, though, I really want to try to pull together a lot of stuff from my journal. I'm starting to make sense finally of a lot of experiences I've had, and it's all very important to me. I'm just not awake enough to do it all tonight. I do want to post this little update, though.

Dr. Trese did make a comment regarding my sinus surgery and the subsequent improvement in my contrast perception, although it was only a passing comment. He did acknowledge that work on the ethnoid sinuses could, in fact, relieve pressure on the optic nerve which may or may not have been responsible for some of my loss of contrast perception. At least, this is how I interpreted the discussion. I'll be able to talk more about this in the next few weeks as I get out and about more. I'm still limiting myself a bit due to pain... My nose is doing superbly. My left eye is smarting badly right now, and Lortab is my friend by day and Tylenol No. 3 by night.


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