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general health update

It's been a while since I've posted health update... At least, I think it has. I really wish I could tolerate that 100 mg Topamax--I felt much better on it! I'm having trouble keeping track of what I'm doing lately...

My eyes are doing very well--that's something I don't want to upset. I went out this morning with the field rep from the Seeing Eye, and I noticed that I was seeing my surroundings quite well. I think that says a lot for both the lowered Topamax dosage and eye pressure and the new vitamins. Let's not bother what's not broken!

What does seem to need fixing is my time management. I'm not sleeping regularly, and I could use a lot of improvement in scheduling things. This is really nothing new; but it struck me this morning how little I get out and enjoy Meghan compared to how much walking I did with Elli. Most of this is because I'm no longer in school. But I only get one lifetime with Meghan, and I'll regret it if I don't treasure it. She's gotten a bit lazy; but she still has plenty of good years left, and she's a good dog. I need to quit moping around so much! My main problem is my alertness level--and today I think that a good nap will fix that.

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