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dog guide links

To feed my Elli tribute mania...

Once upon a time, the Seeing Eye had all kinds of literature posted on their web site: lots of old historical material about the founding of the school and related issues. At some point they took it down, and I threw a bit of a fit. All that good, accessible research material, gone!

The good news is that it's back! There is a link hidden up on the site now to a reading room, and on that page are all the old documents again.

Here's the link to the reading room.

A bit of other stuff that may be of interest...

Guide Dogs for the Blind has a guide for teachers called At a Glance. This link leads to a web page, but the actual file to download is a PDF document. I haven't viewed this yet... I'll make a point to do it this week and post my thoughts. One of the things Elli and I did a lot was speak to groups of students: mostly elementary students but occasionally college students. This is how I got my start in public speaking, and I discovered that I really enjoyed it.

Enough for now...


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