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sleepy blunt comments on latest news

More comments in response to Some of these may not be very "respectful." I'm tired and ... something. I really feel like my hands are just tied in this. I tried expressing how I felt to Mom this morning... When I even said a word about people offering their homes, she said, "Don't you go signing up." I wouldn't have done anything rash, but even doing anything reasonable seems out of the question--not that I'm really brimming with opportunities... But my space is the one thing I have that I could ever offer up. I feel guilty just enjoying it by myself, and the times in life when I've been happiest were the times when I was housing someone who needed a place to go.

Now about my ramblings... I'm very sleepy, and some of these things come across very strangely to me. I hope that anyone directly affected who reads this will forgive me if my comments come across in a bad way--they aren't meant to. In time I may delete this post.

1:19 P.M. - (AP) Mayor Ray Nagin says at least hundreds of people are dead -- maybe thousands -- in New Orleans.

I wondered when someone would get around to guessing at the number of deaths, considering all those dead bodies that were being pushed aside.

1:12 P.M. - WWL-TV's Josh McElveen describes the stench coming from the bathrooms in the Superdome as horrific.

Um, wouldn't it be if the power was out and the plumbing wasn't working and there were tens of thousands of people stuck in there...? I think I'm gonna be sick doesn't even begin to describe it!

12:56 P.M. - Governor Blanco - Time is not on our side for stopping the levee break. There were two breaches, when we thought there was only one. Communication, or lack of same caused the problem.

Communication can be a problem when the power and phones go out...

12:55 P.M. - MIAMI (AP) -- Miami-based Carnival Cruise Lines says it is considering a federal request that the company use some of its cruise ships as emergency shelters or help in Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in some other way.

I don't think I'd feel too safe on a ship as a shelter if I had just been plucked off my roof after nearly drowning.

12:53 P.M. - Governor Blanco - thousands still need to be rescued.

Oh really? I didn't figure that. I thought they all were smart and left.

12:52 P.M. - Governor Blanco: We will rebuild.

Why? So this can happen again? Sometimes it's time to count the cards and pick up and move on.

12:11 P.M. - Army Corps: Water has become level with the Lake in the city so no more water should flow into the city, except at high tide.

I'll cross my toes.

12:10 P.M. - Engineers and construction experts are at the 17th Street Canal. They've filled 100, 3,000 pound sandbags and are trying to drop the bags and concrete barriers into the area.


11:49 A.M. - (AP) AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas is opening its doors to hurricane refugees from neighboring Louisiana.

Texas Governor Rick Perry says he expects evacuees to start arriving within the next 24 hours at the Houston Astrodome. He says Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco asked him this morning if the Astrodome could house the 23-thousand people currently being sheltered at the Superdome in Louisiana, and he quickly agreed. He says even before the request, Texas officials had been talking about using the Astrodome as a long-term shelter for people already stranded in Texas because of the storm.

Perry says the hurricane survivors are welcome in Texas for "as long as they want to stay." Children who are sheltered at the Astrodome will be able to attend public schools in Houston. Perry says the Astrodome schedule has been cleared through December.

Not to be an alarmist, but let's hope the next storm doesn't go to Houston... Remember... That's where I was when we packed up to run from Gilbert. Oh, yes, let's also hope the Astro Dome's toilets remain in working order... And do they have showers there? Just how does a person start over after losing everything like this, anyway?

11:46 A.M. - WASHINGTON (AP) -- Federal emergency officials are looking for two-thousand Homeland Security Department workers to volunteer for hurricane relief efforts. The head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency has told Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff a-thousand people are needed within 48 hours and two-thousand within a week.

Hey, Al Qaeda doesn't need to tear our country apart anymore. Katrina's already doing it for them... We're counting $26,000,000,000 in damage... We haven't even figured in the lost wages because people are away from their jobs, lost revenue, etc. from the coming months because however many thousand people aren't working ... and, oh, lost revenue from those games at the Domes. Do we figure all that into the damage, too?

11:40 - (AP) Roving bands of looters are breaking into stores in Carrollton area to get food and supplies. They've also stolen guns and armed themselves.

So that's what looters do? I had no idea!

11:33 A.M. - Director Walter Maestri: We have no food or water for the evacuees. Says emergency workers have seized the food and water and drinks from Sam's Club, Wal-Mart and other groceries for evacuees, but he said that is all gone. Says water supply is gone. More water expected, but its not there right now. Says evacuees are getting upset and harried.

I'd be getting upset and harried, too... Wouldn't you?

11:32 A.M. - Director Walter Maestri: FEMA and national agencies not delivering the help nearly as fast as it is needed.

Well, of course not. FEMA is a government agency.

10:55 A.M. - (AP) The Dallas school district says it'll enroll in district schools the children of any Hurricane Katrina refugees that ask for it.

That's sweet... Now will some Dallas apartments wave their first month's rent and deposits?

10:06 A.M. - WWL-TV: Gas prices expected to rise by as much as $1.10 by this weekend.

*GULP* There go the cab fares and heat bills... And there *DOESN"T* go up my fixed income.


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