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surprise for a teacher

Today is one of my teachers' birthday. I decided to surprise her with a card. I didn't expect the surprise would go so

P passed the card to most of the people before class.
After the teacher called role, she was telling us something and
another teacher came in.

"Are you doing something big?" she asked.

"No." My teacher went out with her. Paula passed the
card to the rest of the people.

"Don't say anything when she comes back," I said. Nobody
did. I was giggling about the suspense she was in. She didn't
see the card at first.

"What are you giggling about?" she said.

I tried to say, "Something I'm thinking of," but I was
laughing too hard. Then she found it.

"Was this all set up?" she said.

"Yes," everyone said except me. I was still laughing.

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