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bad experience at lunchtime

Note: In order to respect the integrity of the other individuals involved, I have used fictitious names in this entry. I share the event solely to provide insight into the experience of a blind adolescent.

Here's what happened in third period today. I was sitting down and there was no one around me. Jenny came up and sat down. Crystal and Cathi came up. "Can I move you over so Cathi can sit where she always does?" Crystal asked.

"No," I said. "I ALWAYS sit with the boys, and I won't move this time."

"Well, Cathi always sits by me."

"Sorry, I won't move."

I talked to my teacher, and she said she wanted to talk to them.

"You handled it very well," Mom said tonight. "She does have a right to know. Teachers aren't there just to teach. You're in their care all day. If I can't be there, then you go to someone who is there. And you tell Jenny that you went to your teacher because you needed a friend and right then you didn't
see one."

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