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update on me and the infection

I'm feeling sort of all right. Finally got my fever to break. The junk in my nose is still being a pain, and I'm probably about as blocked as I was before surgery. I can breathe and smell, but I'm very uncomfortable and CPAP makes me feel like I am suffocating. How quickly I've gotten used to the new nose!

What's amazing to me is that the infected stuff in my nose has an absolutely horrid smell. I have always told people that I knew when I was sick because of the smell... I just didn't realize how awful it really was! What this and my experiences since surgery tell me is that I had indeed lost a significant portion of my sense of smell. I had no idea! I don't really know when the last time was that I could smell properly. I've been able to smell, but apparently everything has been very blunted.

I've been awake for most of the day, and my eye pain is improved quite a bit. I'm still taking pain meds, but the level of pain is not so severe. This is an improvement. Now if the infection will go away, I'll be on my way about life.

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