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hearing God's call

The last time I went to see Twila Paris [in concert], the subject of serving the Lord came up. "If you want to be faithful to Him," she said, "stand up." I remember almost standing, but I thought, I'm only twelve. What would they think of me?

The subject came up again when James Curtis was doing a revival in January. He called the youth to the altar. I went, but not to ask for God's call.

The subject began to come up in John's sermons. The call of Moses and how he said, "I can't." That the Lord will provide for us if we will follow Him.

About a month ago, I went to church with Jenny B. The speaker talked about "committing yourselves to service." I remember saying, "Yeah, I'd like to do that."

I feel that the Lord is calling me to sing and write music.

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