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I did THAT?

The fine print is at the top. I am making this a shameless public entry not because I want the sympathy but because this is the kind of info I wanted four weeks ago and absolutely could not find. Perhaps I'm only a glutton for gory details, but I like to think I just want to know what I'm getting myself into. So if someone else is searching Google for info on nasal polyps and sinus surgery, perhaps they will find my page and find the recovery experiences useful.

I didn't know I had it in me! ... Well, I did, but I still have a right to be amazed and excited when the big event happens--and I have the right to talk about it on my journal in public. Having nose surgery gives a person the right and the audacity to talk about disgusting things in public. No, not in major detail... But let me say that to be in that kind of pain while blowing one's nose ane feel this heavyweight trophy bearing down on my little tissue makes me glad for two-ply Puffs! I didn't know a little nose was capable of holding that kind of object!!! Those stories you hear about kids sticking beans and things up their noses... It's possible.

I thought the right side of my nose was misshapen somehow and that it was due to a deviated septum. The ENT mentioned it but didn't seem concerned. I was aggravated by his lack of concern since obviously I had a seriously displaced portion of bone...

It wasn't bone. It was junk that came issuing forth from the left side of my nose after I did what the good Dr. M. said and slept "bad side up" with my head elevated overnight after using this wonder nasal spray that gave me a rather high effect for a couple of hours. The bone is there, mildly deviated just as he said.

Enough description of my trophy. Sadly, I'm not sure I'm done. But at least I understand that there is a bit of hope now. Someday this will have an end. I had a really good cry in the middle of the night over my eye pain, and I suspect that helped move this along. If you'd all like to flood my email box with tear-jerker sob stories in an effort to speed my recovery, feel free.


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