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housecleaning and Sable's antics

Musings about cleaning house are behind the cut.Collapse )

I've been working with the cats on some new commands. Sable is picking them up very well, which is a big surprise to me. I didn't realize the things she was capable of--or the things she would want to do! It seems that all she's been wanting is a little routine and something she could depend on and enjoy instead of random attention my way. I've developed a rudimentary toy for playing with her... I have an old support cane that Dad picked up somewhere.... We actually both have one and we use them to tap on tmy floor or his ceiling and get each other's attention for various things. I tied a ribbon around the end of it and taped the tied end down so it wouldn't come off. The other end is hanging so Sable can chase it since she plays so rough and loves to bat at things. I figured this would allow me to play hard with her without losing track of the toy: every kitty ball I've ever bought has disappeared. So far she loves to play on the air hockey table--it's her territory. So I had the ribbon at one end and moved it slowly across the table. She loved it, and by the end of the game I had her running laps around the table. It was really funny! She's been coming to bother me, and this morning I tried asking if she wanted to go play and walking in the other room and getting the toy. She came running and jumped right up on the table!


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