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today's hurricane rant

I'm tired, but I need to write just a few observations on hurricane stuff today.

I talked with a lady from Pets and People this morning. Pets and People is the organization I spoke with about getting Inca and Sierra certified as service animals because of their alert and response behaviors. Looking back through my entries, I don't think I have discussed this much in detail here. That will be a project for tomorrow's entry.

P&P is based near Mobile, AL. Portions of the conversation stand out in my memory. They're ok, but they're out of gas. "Do you need money?" "Well, we need gas." I realized that having money doesn't necessarily mean having the ability to get gas. __kara talked about people driving 80 miles to get gas and then having the pump run out just as it was their turn. Money isn't the problem. The gas is gone. But we're here up north just giving plenty of money. Sometimes it's because it's what we can do. Sometimes--and these are the times that irritate me--we're giving money and going on about what should and shouldn't have happened, whose fault it is for staying, etc. In the meantime, we're here in the air-conditioned house, going to the mall and complaining about the gas prices and making disparaging comments about people based on their race, level of education, number of kids, weight, etc. If the roles were reversed, how many of these same people would be whining about the same problems? I notice we only heard one report of a victim committing suicide. How many of the rest of us flapping our mouths would have the fortitude to stay alive for days in those conditions without resorting to violence or despair? Without having been through it, it's impossible to say. I can tell you that my roommates and I were not too nice to each other after just a day without power. we were hot, tired, out heads hurt... But at least we had water.


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