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another new cat

Thursday night when Dad was looking for PJ there was another cat on the porch. Friday when Mom and I got ready to go to work, it was in the garage. She came right up to us and meowed, so we fed her. It looks like someone spray-painted her tail yellow and her head blue. This cat, who my sister named Casey, has been in the garage ever since. P.J. was sleeping in the garage yesterday, so she's getting used to Casey and Casey is understanding that P.J. belongs in this garage.

We took Casey to the vet yesterday because we found out that she has worms. If she is healthy and it doesn't cost too much to fix her up, we're going to take our sweet time about finding a place to take her. Special Pals doesn't have any openings, and all the other places eventually kill the animals that don't get adopted.

We think my dad actually wants to keep Casey too, but he doesn't want us to know it.

It's 11:10 AM, and I just talked to Mom. She just talked to the vet, and it turns out that Casey doesn't have worms. So Dad was wrong AGAIN. We're going to have them start shots because we might keep her. We will if we can talk my dad into it.

Well, Mom and Dad are going to let me keep her as long as she gets along with Brownie and PJ.

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