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two cats' first meeting

Well, Casey and P.J. met. Mom told me about it. It went something like this. P.J. was in the kitchen, so Mom let Casey come in. Casey went right up to P.J. Then they stood and had a staring match. Then they hissed at each other, but no one got killed.

But Dad is dead serious about having nothing to do with her. "I could pay attention to the cat," he said, "if you could trade me something."

"What's that?" I asked.

"Are you sure you want to know?" Mom asked.

"You have to listen to ten ten-minute lectures."

"Okay," I said. "We'll ask you ten simple questions."

"We could do one a month," he said. "We'll have to skip December because we'll be too busy with Christmas. Then when I'm through, I'll pay attention to the cat. Maybe by that time they'll have some openings at Special Pals."


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