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got yelled at

I just got yelled at, and it wasn't by anyone who works here.

This lady called and wanted to talk to Lila's supervisor.

I checked, and it was Jerry. He wasn't here because he was sick.

"Well, let me talk to Miss Muse."

"She's visiting clients today. Can I leave her a message?"

"I talked to you last week! You said she'd be back Tuesday. Why didn't she return my call?"

"I don't know. You can either leave your name or call back tomorrow."

"I left my name and you said she'd call me back Tuesday. I want to talk to the supervisor!"

"He's out sick today."

"Well, is there any kind of supervisor there?"

"My supervisor is here." I did that so she could gripe about me if she wanted to.

"No, I'm talking about the supervisor of the caseworkers!"

"That would be Mr. Schlotthauer, and he's not in today."

"Well, let me talk to someone who can help me." She started talking something about a hospital.

"Would you like to talk to Lila's secretary?" I asked.

"No! I talked to her last week!"

I put her on hold and gave the call to Cheryl, who is my supervisor.


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