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state youth convention

Well, my last time to be a delegate to the Texas state youth convention has come and gone, and I had a blast! It was at the Quality Inn. You could hear the quality as you walked across the creaking second floor.

On Friday I was asked to sing in the opening service. I decided to sing "Love in Any Language" because I thought it would fit the request for "something lively??a Sandi Patti song".

After the service, someone stopped me. "Have you been blind all your life?" she asked.

I said yes and thought she was just curious.

"I'm being tested for a disease called trachoma. My doctor says it can cause blindness."

At first, I thought, "I'll add her to my prayer list." Then I thought that she wouldn't have come to me for that. She could have been on anyone's prayer list. She might be asking for support in the only way she knew how.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I asked.

"I don't know."

I told her to wait while I went with Anita to buy a Dr Pepper. "Then if you want to, we can talk about it.

When I came back, we went to my room and we talked. She started crying. She told me that after I had sung, her brother had signed "I love you" to her. He hadn't said that to her in two years. "When I saw you singing, I thought, 'I want to be like her.'"

That night one of my biggest prayers was answered. Just before I met her, I had prayed the same prayer that I had prayed for the last three conventions. "Lord, I want to help one person this week. Please use me." God had answered that prayer, and
this time it was enough. The feeling I had after talking with her was lasting.

On Sunday the speaker talked about leaders. "Leaders are people who live out what they believe," he said. I knew that. I knew that people often come to the Lord because they see something appealing in the lives of their friends.

He invited us to come to the altar. I wanted to go, but I didn't know what to say to the Lord I had forgotten so many times. I went and joined the song that was being sung by everyone else. It had always been just a song we sang at camp, but now it had meaning for me. I had decided to follow my Leader and to be a leader.


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